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Spotlight: Guvna B

Spotlight: Guvna B

Allo Mate is the official lifestyle brand and merchandise line spearheaded by multi award-winning rapper, author and presenter Guvna B.


The Brief

We had the privilege to meet Guvna B back in 2019 when he was looking to restructure the way he managed the brand as he was finding it hard to manage the fulfilment of the Allo Mate brand as well as balance his demanding booking schedule.

From our meeting it was clear that Guvna B needed a company that could act behind the scenes as his merchandise department. Not only producing and supplying the merchandise to him but the real need was the on-going management of the online store and fulfilment of orders. Thankfully, this is what we do best!


The Design Process

The design process was fairly straight forward as Guvna B had initial designs already prepared from his in-house graphic designer. Our role at this stage was to offer advice on whether certain designs would work or not on textiles and to advise what designs would be best suited to print or embroidery.

Some of the designs were full colour graphics so DTG printing was best suited for these, then the large 1 or 2 colour designs were perfect for screen printing and the more subtle logos going onto heavier garments or headwear were most suitable for embroidery.

To really help visualise the range, we created visual mock ups before moving onto to sampling.

We will always take care and attention during this stage as we want to use the most appropriate decoration methods possible in order to create a high quality range and avoid disappointment in the sampling stage.

Product Sampling

With projects like these, before any production begins we always create samples of each product line to make sure the right garment is chosen, the client is happy with the quality and that the decoration works how it should do.

We started by recommending a select amount of garments to Guvna B that fit the brief. Guvna B was looking for quality, long lasting garments that fit well, were ethically sourced and sustainable but still at a good price point.

Using our experience of certain white label brands and knowledge of textiles we collected a range of plain garments to send to Guvna B for him to try, test out and show the team.

Once the garments were decided we then went to pre-production samples. At this point we created one unit of each product so that Guvna B could see what the finished article would look like before pressing the go ahead.

For some of the items we were able to see a certain method would be better suited than another. For example on one of the caps we ran a 2D and 3D embroidered sample of the same design and it turned out that the 3D embroidery came out a lot crisper on the cap panel. It’s moments like that which emphasise how important the sampling stage is.


Here’s where the magic happens! The Allo Mate team can now focus on their campaign launch and using the samples, start the photo content for the website while we work hard to bring the range to life.

We have done all the necessary pre-production processes to make sure that production have all they need.  Our lead times are usually around 10 working days but with project this size lead times can be longer as there are lot of processes taking place. Screen printing, embroidery, DTG printing, woven labelling and even custom socks. The whole production process took about 3-4 weeks to have all products ready to sell online.


The ‘Allo Mate’ Collection

The final collection looked incredible! A huge variety of different garments, all high quality streetwear, perfect for Allo Mate’s target audience of youth and young adults.

The collection:

Screen Printed T-Shirts  / Graphic Printed T-Shirts / Embroidered T-Shirts / Embroidered Sweatshirts / Screen Printed Hoodies / Embroidered Hoodies / Embroidered Track Tops / Embroidered Track Pants / Embroidered Joggers / 3D Embroidered Caps / Custom Trucker Caps / Custom Made Socks / Embroidered Shoulder Bag / Embroidered Beanies / Printed Kids T-Shirts

See the Full Range


Now for the part that everyone hates, except us, fulfilment and postage.

For Guvna B this was one of the deal breakers when working with us. He needed a team that he could trust to manage the continual online orders so he could concentrate on his bookings as an artist and building the Allo Mate brand. We have structured ourselves as a business to offer a complete retail service so this was something we could handle with confidence.

This service included, picking the products from stock, bagging the order in sustainable packaging and delivering direct to the customer. We also managed any returns and exchanges.

A seamless fulfilment service that takes the stress away from Guvna B.

It’s projects like these where we thrive

We continue to work with Guvna B and the Allo Mate team and it is always enjoyable. We are currently working on a new collection for Guvna B to sell at his Summer 22 events and on the Allo Mate Shop.

Managing the launch of a merchandise brand from start to finish is hard enough but add in the on-going management of online fulfilment and postage, it can all get a bit too much. Don’t try to handle it on your own. We would love to help you with bringing your creative ideas to life and taking the stress out of retail.


Let’s talk

If you have a project on your mind, let’s talk! Contact us by email, phone or set up a consultation and one of our amazing team will be at hand to help you all the way. Let us help you create the best experience by getting in touch here.

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